Pictures speak a thousand words

Pictures speak a thousand words

‘I’ve read Grace’s Mystery Seed and I love the story. I know what the mystery seed is,’ a little girl said at the library. She was carrying the book under her arm.

The enthusiasm children are showing for Grace’s Mystery Seed is amazing. I looked up the meaning for ‘amazing’ and it states causing wonder and great surprise. It is also linked with impressive and excellent.

Being a primary teacher, I know the best response is from the children. They will give you their honest feedback. Grace’s Mystery Seed is being enjoyed by readers and there are many stories to share.

It is wonderful seeing many boys showing enthusiasm for the story. Children relish guessing what they think the mystery seed will become.

I heard after reading Grace’s Mystery Seed to his brother, this boy was inspired to write his own story.

Moments like all these, are priceless. Here is a little girl at a library session comparing her artwork to the illustrations.

I love experiencing the joy of seeing children guessing what they think the mystery seed will become and then celebrating solving the mystery.

I have had many special moments sharing Grace’s Mystery Seed with children and look forward to many more. Thank you to everyone who is being involved in the journey and to parents and others who have given me permission to share these fabulous photos.

Congratulations to the winners of the dress up competition, as something from a garden at the first book launch and winners of the colouring competition at the second book launch.

Sometimes, I leave the children with this final thought, ‘Let’s continue to spread seeds of kindness and watch them grow.’

Happy planting everyone.

Juliet x


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