Three Magical Moments

Three Magical Moments

Dreams are wishes from the heart and I made one. At a young age, I fell in love with the world of books. My mother read to me every night, I visited story time sessions at the library and enjoyed my Prep teacher sharing books.

My first connection to storytelling was through picture books and this is where my wish started. It is hard to explain how the magic captured my heart but I do know as children we see the world through different eyes.

Primary teacher by trade, author by choice and four young adult books later, the wish my heart made was granted and three magical moments occurred.

Magic Moment One …

I proudly stood in the publishing house holding my debut picture book, Grace’s Mystery Seed with my publisher Paul. The story that once swirled around inside my head had come to life in my hands.

 Magic Moment Two …

Hazel, one of my favourite childhood authors passed on her congratulations to me. We sat together and read the story. I held my breath as I took in this precious moment. Life had completed a full circle.

 Magic Moment Three …

During my travels in Africa, before the picture book was released, I did what I love and read Grace’s Mystery Seed, for the first time to a group of children in Cape Town, South Africa. The story returned to it roots where the famous writer who gave me the seedling was born. A new generation listened to the story.

I received feedback about this experience from a reader who saw the photo.

‘Juliet M Sampson look at you taking your words around the world and igniting passion in little people… go you good thing! xx’ 

My heart is happy as I write this blog. There is magic in this story and all the seeds that have been planted are connected. It is much more than words and illustrations on thirty-two pages. So let’s keep spreading seeds of kindness and watch them grow.

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