I love my job but unless you are a writer you may not fully understand the joy of hitting 30,000 words.

It’s like a blessing reaching this point after months of writing what seems like a PhD and sharing a world with characters that you have committed to and ignoring people in real life who are not on your computer screen.

There’s another realisation that you are also risking pages of typed words that may never become a book.  However, you look at the word count and smile knowing you are halfway there with ‘yours’ and ‘their’ story. This is an insight into a writer’s life.

Yes, as writers, we can escape our world without even leaving the house. Is this what a book does for you?

Today I smiled as the word count reached 30,000 because I know if the book is going to be 60,000 I’m halfway there. Sometimes, the best part is the journey.

Keep following your dreams too. Hard work, commitment and dedication do pay off in the end. This doesn’t only apply to writing but to anything you do.

To my readers, supporters and friends, the update on my writing is, I’m leaping ahead with the fifth young adult book and the other EXCITING news is my first picture book Grace’s Mystery Seed will be released in 2019.

Spread sunshine and inspiration,

Juliet x

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