Grace’s Mystery Seed

‘Polly likes these stripy seeds,’ Grace said. ‘What are they from?’

‘Let’s find out,’ said Mrs Marino.

Grace and her neighbour plant a mystery seed. They wait and wait for ages. Then a little green shoot starts to grow . . . and grow . . . and grow . . . until, at last, Grace discovers the truth about her amazing mystery seed.

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Beautiful book, amazing illustrations and so well written.

Sophie Lettas

Read this book to my niece who was thoroughly enchanted. We now have some mystery seeds growing in our garden. A book that sparks the imagination.

Sharon Thompson

Grace’s Mystery Seed is one of those rare children’s books that creates life-long memories. It’s a wonderful story of intrigue and shared community that also inspires a keen interest and respect for nature. That’s definitely something kids need more of in this modern age of technical gadgets and staying indoors too much. An added benefit – young readers may be inspired to grow their own mystery seed!

Gina Newton