Three Magical Moments

Dreams are wishes from the heart and I made one. At a young age, I fell in love with the world of books. My mother read to me every night, I visited story time sessions at the library and enjoyed my Prep teacher sharing books. My first connection to storytelling was through picture books and …Read More

The Latin dancer paints her passion

I walked through the door into a lively room. Rows of tables with easels and canvases on top, filled the space. Smocks with splashes of paint hung from pegs. ‘Creativity begins here’ were words painted across the wall. The lady with her clipboard checked our names and ushered us to our seats. I sat in …Read More

Outback Wonder Book Launch

There I was in front of my audience. Every seat was full, all eyes on me. Just for a minute, the whole world stood still as I soaked in the moment. Years of work had now come to fruition, my words had become a book and it was time to share the story with the …Read More

Writers do not always sit behind a desk: KidlitVic 2017

There was a buzz in the air as I walked through the doors of the State Library of Victoria and into a foyer full of people in the book industry. After months of waiting, the day had finally arrived. I believe the world of a writer is not just about sitting behind a desk, its …Read More

Central Australia: Part Two

ULURU AND THE FIELD OF LIGHTS  I sat watching as the sun’s rays lit the giant rock. The orange glow was a contrast to the green grass that stretched for miles around this sacred site. The grey sky was fading turning to a light blue. Morning had arrived. I brushed aside a tiny fly that …Read More

Central Australia: Part One

Buzz, buzz, buzz. I brushed away the annoying fly that was hovering around my face as I strolled along the golden brown uneven path that headed into the distance. The pathway lead between skyscraping smooth rock and was my first adult experience of this barren land. Over thirty years ago I had visited this harsh …Read More

Dancing my way around South America: Part One

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF TANGO A spark inside of me was ignited when I visited South America. You may ask WHY. Well, I admit I’ve a passion for dance. The journey began at a young age learning jazz, tap and ballet. I studied dance as part of my Victorian Certificate of Education, at university …Read More

Welcome to the world of a booktuber

The world of books is changing. When I attended Bryce Courtenay’s final Masterclass, I was amazed when he told the class he had a professional researcher whose job involved searching for information that he needed for his story writing. Most recently my path crossed with Miranda, a Booktuber, till then I never knew about this …Read More

Keeping Books Alive

The world of books! How do we keep them alive? As an author and primary teacher I’m passionate about this concept. Recently I attended a seminar that promoted the love of books. I want to share this experience with my readers. Enjoy the journey I’m about to take you on. People leaned against the red …Read More

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

As winter has hit us in Australia, I thought it was time to write a blog about this chilly season, the one I admit, is my least favourite. There are a few likes and comforts to get me through the long dark days, sitting by the fire is one, another, knowing it is footy season …Read More