Forever in lights

A crowd gathered around her feet. People wore scarves and gloves. Cameras were pulled out of bags. Snaps were taken of the lady with bright red lips, whose dress blew permanently in the breeze. Set against the night sky, she stood near the streetlights, forever in the spotlight. Her painted toenails matched the colour of …Read More

Scrumptious Storytelling in Sweets

Splashes of colour filled the room and the smell of freshly baked cakes lingered in the air as I entered a delicious place. A man with a huge grin and white apron stood behind the counter packing delicate little cakes for a lady who was patiently waiting. I gazed at the shelves full of colourful …Read More

The Little Free Library in Caulfield is launched with love

‘Actions speak louder than words,’ so the saying goes and I’m a believer in this. Paying it forward to others can lead to wide spread movement allowing for positive change. Being a teacher and author, I’ve always had a love of books and storytelling. As a child, attending story time at the library was a …Read More

The Inaugural Bayside Authors Expo

The grand hall at Beaumaris library was filled with tables that surrounded the room. Today a special event was happening and some magic was transforming the space. I carried my books to my spot and placed them on display as other authors worked around me. Poster were hung and tablecloths spread, many books of various …Read More

The Little Free Library Awaits

Spotted behind the orange, red and lemon roses was a door to discovery, The Little Free Library awaits its new readers. Someone had whispered to me about this hidden gem in Melbourne and being an explorer, I jumped into my car and headed for the location. In my bag was my wallet, mobile and of …Read More

Hidden Secrets in the Hills

New experiences are enriching and exploration enlightening. I’ve visited the Dandenong Ranges many times and the area of Sassafras where there is a street full of magical places. Travelling back in time, Miss Marples welcomes visitors in a cosy manner with homemade soups, pies and toasted finger sandwiches, one of my favourites, being the tasty …Read More

Enter another world without leaving your own backyard

Previously I blogged about ‘Beauty lies in your own backyard’ and now I’m sharing another way to experience entering another world without leaving your own backyard. Everyone needs peace and quiet in their busy lives and I love entering a crystal shop. There are many crystal shops around and Qi in Caulfield Victoria Australia is one …Read More

A book to read for aspiring authors

Not Just A Piece Of Cake Being An Author by Hazel Edwards. QUESTION: What is the best way you can find out about a profession? ANSWER: Learn from the wise old owls and gurus who have travelled the journey long before you. These people have made their mark and are the ones with the experience …Read More

The World of an Aspiring Author

Changing professions was not easy to do. It was like diving into the deep end of a pool. However I have found the brave and daring are the ones who succeed, the ones who never give up. Professional authors like Elizabeth Gilbert, J.K. Rowling, Matthew Riley, Louise Hay and Hazel Edwards just to name a …Read More

Beauty lies in your own backyard.

As much as I love to travel… sometimes beauty lies in your own backyard. In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy always wanted to go over the rainbow only to discover that there is no place like home. Having travelled to over twenty-one countries, I am proud to say Australia, my homeland is filled with wonder…This …Read More