‘Spread seeds of kindness and watch them grow.’

‘Spread seeds of kindness and watch them grow,’ this was how the story started. Grace’s Mystery Seed was inspired by my love of gardens. This fondness occurred when I was at a writing masterclass. The famous writer gifted his students with seedlings to care for and grow. I had never been a gardener before and …Read More

A writer in her garden where stories are blooming.

A life without inspiration is like a room without light. These words crossed my mind this morning as I reflected about the last few weeks. Life can get crazy for all of us throwing unexpected challenges that we never saw coming. The other day was the first time I literally thought I could sit down …Read More

Young Emerging Writers

As an author I bring stories to the world through my words but some days are different and I’m not always behind my desk. If I’m out and about I might be researching for my books in different settings, meeting new people and developing my characters. Everyone’s experience of the world is different and it’s …Read More

Outback storytelling through art

In the middle of the desert we sat waiting, waiting to be taken on an incredible journey with a dark-skinned lady who wanted to share her gift, knowledge and experience with the world. We gathered around her as she unscrolled the colourful piece of work. Patches of bright colours orange, yellow and white covered the …Read More

Yes! Stay inspired.

I heard a whisper about a creative place and it nagged me to visit… Being an author and a lover of art, I needed to see what this location had to offer. As I drove through the gate I was greeted by a lady relaxing out the front, the sculptured wooden figure’s smile, welcomed all. …Read More

Chasing Dreams with Megan Peta Hill

As a writer and born storyteller, I’m fascinated and inspired by every day life. I enjoy hearing other people’s stories particularly ones that involve chasing dreams and loving what they do. Being an author, I believe that there are three important ingredients in the process of story writing CREATIVITY, INSPIRATION and PASSION. These secret ingredients …Read More

Just Dance

As the release of Dance Demons my third Young Adult novel draws nearer I thought it would be interesting to write about one of the activities I am passionate about. No need to guess as reading the title I have hinted at the answer. I think we all need love and passion in life and …Read More

Creativity, inspiration and passion

I love a world full of creativity, inspiration and passion. At the recent Dromkeen Literary Festival, I enjoyed listening to and being surrounded by so many talented people, authors, illustrators, cartoonists, painters and balloonists. This had me thinking about creativity, inspiration and passion. There are so many creative people in the world and I admire their …Read More

The Sunflower Lady

I’m known as the Sunflower Lady. Sunny and bright! Standing tall and proud like the sunflower, I greet everyone with a smile. There’s another reason for my nickname, it’s because of a promise I kept to an inspirational man, Australia’s greatest storyteller who had one last request. ‘ Spread these seeds of kindness and watch …Read More

‘The Last Survivor’ Adam Dean’s story

The ‘Story of a Sunflower’ continues… Adam produces ArtView Magazine and admitted he was not much of a gardener. Nevertheless I gave him some of these special seeds. After planting the seeds he was pleased to see them sprout. Yet soon afterwards, all but one of the seedlings vanished. He was disappointed! And guessed that …Read More