Blooming Flowers, Growing Friendships By Alli Sinclair

I am not a green thumb. The dead potplants in my office can attest to this. And even though we have a beautiful garden surrounding our house, unfortunately I can’t take credit (thank goodness my partner is a brilliant gardener!). When Juliet asked me if I would like some of Bryce Courtenay’s sunflower seeds, I …Read More

Authors and sunflowers by Tina M Clark

  What do authors and sunflowers have in common? Some things run in the blood. I’m a farmer’s daughter, however I didn’t really appreciate the greenness that was in my genetic makeup until I lived in England, and put my fingers into the cold winter ground. A soil that was cold to touch, and where …Read More


I’m delighted to welcome Nicky Johnston and Maggie Best to share their sunflower stories. Nicky Johnston is an illustrator and Maggie, an author. These two ladies are continuing the ‘Story of a Sunflower.’  Happy reading and keep spreading sunshine and inspiration. SUNFLOWER LOVE: NICKY JOHNSTON’S SUNFLOWER STORY I received a special little bag of 24th Generation Bryce …Read More

The sunshine and inspiration community

Starting the day with a positive attitude can set a person’s mood. Actions and behaviour have rippling effects. At university when I studied subjects such as behavioural, social and cognitive psychology, these effects were presented. News and media tend to focus more on negative issues and while it is important to be aware of what …Read More

Spread sunshine and inspiration

‘SPREAD SUNSHINE AND INSPIRATION’ – Juliet M Sampson You may wonder how I came up with my quote. This blog shares the story. There is so much to enjoy about life, starting with simple pleasures, appreciating the sunshine when going on a walk, valuing family and friends who encourage you to follow your dreams and …Read More

My dance journey

‘Dance is a form of expression without words.’ My whole life I have embraced dance. I remember at a young age putting on my first pair of dance shoes and walking into class. From that day on, there was no looking back. I would attend dance classes weekly in styles of jazz, tap, ballet and …Read More

A tribute to Bryce Courtenay

‘When the student is ready the teacher appears.’ Buddhist proverb Your presence in the room was a bright shining light that beamed inspiration. You spread your knowledge to the emerging writers sitting in the class with their pens and papers. The twinkle in your eye, the smile on your face, the echo of your words …Read More

Inspired by travel: In the footsteps of my second novel Bon Voyage!

‘My destination is no longer a place, but a new way of seeing.’ Marcel Proust. There are so many places in the world to see and explore. So far I have visited over twenty-one countries. The enriching experience of travel has allowed me to discover new cultures, different foods, numerous landscapes, foreign languages, traditional arts, …Read More

Second year: spreading the sunflower story

This year I decided to wear a sunflower dress when delivering the sunflowers. More than thirty seedlings were given to new homes. I keep smiling all the time as people continue to share their photos. I can see the joy people are receiving from growing and caring for them. Thank you so much to all …Read More

A promise kept: the sunflower story

‘A promise is a promise.’ Proverb. I never make promises that I do not intend to keep, so staying true to my word, one year later on 25th September 2013, I planted over fifty seeds from my original sunflower that Bryce Courtenay gave me. I put the pots in a semi sunny spot and watered …Read More