A writer in her garden where stories are blooming.

A writer in her garden where stories are blooming.

A life without inspiration is like a room without light. These words crossed my mind this morning as I reflected about the last few weeks. Life can get crazy for all of us throwing unexpected challenges that we never saw coming. The other day was the first time I literally thought I could sit down and breathe for a minute.

A room full of red flowers triggered my creativity, it was the breath of fresh air I needed. My love and passion for writing started to flow back into my heart. I had not lost it but the pile of forever challenges had been building up.

The next night I was surrounded by some friends, we chatted about life’s ups and downs, challenges we were all experiencing. I was asked for some advice about what has kept me going through my difficult periods of writing and then this saying entered my mind. ‘Stop and smell the roses.’

We all need time out and these breaks help us recharge. Being a writer a lot of days are spent behind a desk and this is also the case in many other jobs but it’s what we do that keeps us motivated. It does not have to be a big deal.

Walks along the beach, coffees with friends, movies, photography, creating artwork, visiting a new place or spending time with your pet is a way to wander away from your thoughts. This is where new stories and experiences come to fruition.

So as I walked into that magical garden for a moment, all my worries disappeared and ideas bloomed. I had entered a new space.

I hope you can find your magical place. Inspiration is not hard to discover sometimes it’s sitting right in front of us.

Spread sunshine and inspiration.

Juliet x


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