Creativity, inspiration and passion

Creativity, inspiration and passion

I love a world full of creativity, inspiration and passion. At the recent Dromkeen Literary Festival, I enjoyed listening to and being surrounded by so many talented people, authors, illustrators, cartoonists, painters and balloonists. This had me thinking about creativity, inspiration and passion. There are so many creative people in the world and I admire their bravery.

Being a writer, I believe these three ingredients CREATIVITY, INSPIRATION and PASSION are important in the process of story writing.

As I strolled around the Dromkeen gardens, I noticed a cartoonist who was drawing under a canopy. He rested his clipboard on his arm as he observed a lady sitting in a chair. His thick black texta began to outline her face.

‘Wow,’ I thought. ‘How clever is he?’

The resemblance was amazing. This was something I wanted to try.

I sat in the chair and he asked me some questions. Hearing that I was an author and loved sunflowers his texta never left the page. I gasped when he showed me the completed sketch. A lady was sitting at her desk typing on her keyboard, a story ‘spread sunshine and inspiration,’ while the sunflowers in the vase behind her smiled in approval. The bright sun shone through her window.

‘That’s me,’ I whispered. ‘How beautiful. I love it and will frame it.’

Creativity really is a magic process. Brett started with a blank page and not long after he had transformed it into a caricature.

Having a love of sunflowers and always being a child at heart, I spotted a face painter. I watched the artist weave her magic onto many children’s faces. Cats, fairies and caterpillars were created with splashes of colours. I politely asked her if she would paint a sunflower on my hand, as I’m known as the Sunflower Lady. She smiled and told me she would love to. I asked if she had ever painted a sunflower before and she replied ‘no’ but was up for the challenge.

Grabbing a sponge, she dabbed it into the brown paint and then onto my hand. Next her brush dipped into the yellow paint and then finally into the orange paint. Creating petals around the brown circle the sunflower came to life. Finishing with some green leaves the artwork was complete.

‘Just a little bit of glitter to add some magic,’ she said.

How amazing,’ I thought that two people had both managed to capture me in their artworks. ‘My story’ ‘My uniqueness’ ‘My passion’ ‘My love’ telling my story in their own ways. How inspiring!!!

As Ray Bradbury states ‘Do what you love, love what you do.’

And that is exactly what these people were doing. These people were doing what they LOVED!


Next to the painter was a balloonist, she heard about my sunflower story and offered to make me a sunflower balloon. Once again I was amazed how quickly she blew up a green balloon to create the stem and then a yellow one to form the face of the flower. She twisted the green balloon so it would connect on to the flower.

Ta da!

Within minutes, she had created a sunflower balloon.

‘Wow,’ I said. ‘Thank you.’

Currently I’m reading ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert and am so inspired by this book. For people who inspire to be a creator and follow a creative path, I suggest you read Big Magic. On the cover the sub text reads ‘Creative Living Beyond Fear.’

When people ask, what do you do for a living?

Its’ not easy to say:

I’m a dancer, I’m a painter, I’m a writer, I’m a photographer, I’m a script writer, I’m a choreographer, I’m a make-up artist, I’m an actor the list goes on and on. Virtually I’M A CREATOR.


However I believe these people are the risk takers, the ones who create magic and beauty in our world. People all have a special purpose whether it’s being a lawyer, teacher, dentist or artist.

D day

So keep following your path and do what makes you happy. The world needs more CREATORS.

Good luck with following your dreams.

Juliet x









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