From a young age, I have loved stories. I remember going to story time at the library, watching live theatre and my parents reading to me. At school I wrote short stories and poems and worked on the school magazine committee.

Primary teaching allowed me to share my love of reading, writing and storytelling with the younger generation.

I was passionate about being a primary teacher but this was not enough. After seven years in this profession, I wanted my words and voice to reach a larger audience all around the world. Writing books allowed me to do this.

I write contemporary realism and my novel are Behind the Mask, Bon Voyage!, Dance Demons and Outback Wonder. I have been fortunate to undertake Bryce Courtenay’s and Fiona McIntosh’s Master Classes. These courses further inspired me to follow my dreams. I also have attended Hazel Edwards, Alison Goodman and Jen Storer courses.

I have a passion for travel and have visited many countries in the world and seen and experienced different cultures. Another passion of mine is dancing. I have learnt many styles jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary, funk and in the last few years I have been learning Latin American. Last year I completed my Gold medal in this dance style and now I am in the process of training for my Latin Gold Star medals.

I also enjoy travel sketching, theatre, movies and exploring new places.

I hope to inspire others through my writing and spread sunshine and inspiration.

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  • "As a fellow writer, I can see the passion in Juliet's work. She has a style that is second to none, and is able to engage the reader on an emotional level. Thanks for the great read!"

    Daniel Chidiac Australian author
  • "I have been working with Juliet M. Sampson in my role as literary publicist for some time and am inspired by her dedication and passion for her craft. Juliet takes on board all the advice she is given using it to grow from strength to strength with each novel. It is with no doubt that Juliet has a future ahead of her that is going to see her bring her dreams come true.

    I look forward to travel with Juliet as she touches hearts through her words

    Jennifer Douglas Literary Publicist
  • "Juliet M. Sampson is an author I hold in high regard as she’s very passionate about the book industry, reading and she doesn’t let the trials in her life get her down, in fact, they are inspirations to great reads she has published. I have read both her books. Behind the Mask is very well written and kept me on the edge of my seat. Bon Voyage! is a feel good story about travel."

    Annie Mc Cann Founder and Co-ordinator of Read 3rz Re-Vu
    A network of readers
  • "Juliet's style is compelling, and her subject matter poignant. She is a gifted author, and her passion for writing is obvious in her work. I can't wait for her next book."

    Dr. Stephen Parnis Melbourne Emergency Physician
  • "I have enjoyed both of Juliet’s books. Juliet had a dream about becoming an author, which has now been realised. The best part about this is we have benefited by her novels. Anything that can help spread the message about the horror of abuse and domestic violence is important and Juliet has done this with sensitivity and understanding."

    Maree Stanley