The Inaugural Bayside Authors Expo

The Inaugural Bayside Authors Expo

The grand hall at Beaumaris library was filled with tables that surrounded the room. Today a special event was happening and some magic was transforming the space. I carried my books to my spot and placed them on display as other authors worked around me. Posters were hung and tablecloths spread, many books of various types were to be shared.

Juliet at the Expo

There was a buzz in the air as like-minded people came together authors, writers, readers, librarians, poets, artists, illustrators, journalists, photographers, people in the local community, all there to inspire each other and share the love of books.

The inaugural Bayside Authors Expo was about to take place with 50 authors in attendance. A sense of excitement and smiles all around as the doors opened to this free event. The Mayor of Bayside, Councillor James Long made a welcoming speech and the day officially began. People wandered the room meeting, greeting, questioning, buying, having books signed and a whole lot more.

Panel discussions were held in the centre of the room throughout the day. Authors grouped around microphones answered questions, sharing valuable tips and information to all who attended. This varied from advice on how to get published, marketing, writing genres, amount of drafts needed for a manuscript, organizations to join, social media presence, the list went on and on.

I wish there were more events like these and I’m grateful to the people who support the world of books. I believe there is a book out there for everyone. It’s just about finding an author’s style of writing that you like or a book topic that appeals. Events like these allow readers to connect with authors and provide opportunities for questions, answers and understandings. It also allows for exchanging knowledge and sharing inspiration. For me, it’s a blessing to meet my readers and chat to them. I’m also grateful to other inspiring authors I’ve met on my writing journey. I love hearing their stories too and I’m always learning.


Libraries are magical places. Rooms full of books filled with new worlds, places to travel without even leaving home. Become a member of a library and the best part is it’s free.

The Authors Expo inspired me seeing how so many people came together to promote books.


Thank you Bayside Library Services and a special mention to Lynda, Karyn and their team, for organsing and allowing me to be part of this special event.

And to the readers of this blog, please go and check out events like these. You may be surprised at the special treasures you will find, not just hidden in the pages of a book.

Happy reading all.

Best wishes,


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