Enter another world

Enter another world

Previously I blogged about ‘Beauty lies in your own backyard’ and now I’m sharing another way to experience entering another world.

Everyone needs peace and quiet in their busy lives and I love entering a crystal shop. There are many crystal shops around and Qi in Caulfield Victoria Australia is one of my favourites.

As I enter Qi’s world, I hear the tinkling of chimes as they clink together in the gentle breeze. Walking past the window, I notice stained glass objects shaped as stars dangling in the sunlight. They are displayed amongst mobiles of hanging crystals dropping from the ceiling. Light reflects through the crystals and splashes of colour are painted onto the walls.

Glowing salt lamps of soft yellow and peach create a calming world as the sound of waves crash and bounce off the walls. Messages of peace, happiness, courage, wisdom, tranquility and love are displayed on paintings, signs or in books.

QI one

I gasp when I look into the glass cabinets each one representing different colourful crystals. Topaz, aquamarine, citrine, turquoise, amethyst and quartz just to name a few. A book I once read mentioned crystals are a reminder of the structure of which our universe is built.

Life is about balance and sometime taking time out is important. Some people have an interest in ancient Egypt or Greek Mythology. Others wonder about the teachings of the Tibetan monks and the traditions of American Indians.

On a recent trip to the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria, I discovered Oracle another crystal shop. Entering Oracle I noticed beautiful crystals hanging in a corner of the room that captured the sunlight. A gentle smell of incense drifted around the room and tranquil music filled the air. I asked the lovely lady in the shop with her French accent about these dangling crystals as some had elephants and owls attached to them.

‘Elephants represent our world, strength and to be grounded. Owls represent the wise. Also did you know, the eagle was symbolic for the American Indians as it carried messages to and from the gods,’ she said

As I continued to stroll around I was instantly drawn to a butterfly display as my favourite butterfly the Ulysses was represented. I laughed and chatted with the lady about the papillon for all you French lovers.

In this shop there was a variety of books covering topics such as inspiration, mediation, discovery, crystals and there were even adult colouring books. Statues of angels, ancient Roman and Greek gods, cats, owls, wolves and many more were on show. Being a writer and traveller I contemplated there was a whole new world of storytelling just in the objects displayed.

The shop assistant whispered in my ear, ‘Wolf spelt backwards is flow and earth jumbled is heart.’

Wandering around this crystal shop allowed me to travel to countries I’d never been. I’ve visited over twenty-one countries and have seen and experienced different cultures but Oracle let me travel to ancient Egypt and Greece if only for a few minutes.

Travel is a must but not everyone can just pack up and go. Get a taste of another world just by visiting one of these shops. Learn about symbolism in relation to animals, stones and crystals and allow yourself to travel back in time to ancient civilizations and connect with Mother earth.

My parting memory of Oracle was being given a final gift. The magnificent marble statue of the Angel Gabriel holds a bowl offering scrolls containing messages. On departure visitors may take one and read the message they have been given.

Oracle two

It’s interesting how new discoveries can cross your path. Stephanie my main protagonist in Dance Demons my next Young Adult book being released in May, visits a crystal shop on a few occasions. And I’m proud to announce my other book that will be released this year will be found in not only bookshops but crystal shops too.

I’m all about spreading sunshine and inspiration.

So if you cannot travel overseas to learn about ancient civilizations at this moment take a peek in a crystal shop and be open to what you may see, learn and discover.

Happy Travels.

Best wishes,

Juliet x

Oracle three











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