Hidden Secrets in the Hills

Hidden Secrets in the Hills

New experiences are enriching and exploration enlightening. I’ve visited the Dandenong Ranges many times and the area of Sassafras where there is a street full of magical places.

Travelling back in time, Miss Marples welcomes visitors in a cosy manner with homemade soups, pies and toasted finger sandwiches, one of my favourites, being the tasty cheese, ham and chutney. When I took a bite into my toasted delight, the tangy chutney complimented the delicious ham. Then to the dessert menu, so many treats, scones with sweet raspberry jam and whipped cream or an old-fashioned ice-cream sundae with a cherry on top. Enjoying a meal in this homely place, it is easy to feel part of Miss Marple’s world with old-fashioned teapots and floral patterned tablecloths. The walls feature photos of Miss Marple in many of her murder mystery stories. Watching the flickering fire or peering onto the main street observing the passerbys, this place welcomes visitors in any season.

fire place sconces

Tea Leaves is located next-door with floor to ceiling shelves covered in different tea pots in various shapes and sizes. Strolling the many aisles, there were tea pots ranging from classic, fine bone china, English pots trimmed in gold to Australiana ones portraying koalas and kangaroos. Tea lovers will find plenty of varieties of tea to choose from either organic or classic blends. The different aromas are pleasant and this place is well worth a look.


And another place to visit Ripe on the other side of Tea Leaves has products by local food producers, jams, cakes and biscuits. But I always visit this place for one reason – the hot chocolate! No these are no ordinary hot chocolates but are made with Lindt chocolate. Any chocolate fan will love this treat. I always choose milk chocolate but there is also dark or white chocolate. I never leave without having one. I love allowing the creamy rich chocolate to trickle down my throat and then lick my lips not to miss one last bit of chocolate. When leaving this shop recently, I gasped as I noticed a mask made out of chocolate. My first novel is called Behind the Mask so seeing masks in any form interests me.

chocolate mask

There are two further hidden secrets in Sassafras. One is the sweet shop. Being a child at heart I love this place. I can never miss trying old-fashioned lollies. Jelly jubes, licorice, clinkers, sherbet bombs, lollypops, Minties and caramels feature in this shop. A personal favourite of mine are the giant chocolate freckles.

Lastly there is Oracle, a fantastic crystal shop. On a previous blog titled ENTER ANOTHER WORLD WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR OWN BACKYARD I discuss Oracle.

Tea Rooms

Travel Victoria and find the hidden places and spaces.

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