Outback Wonder Book Launch

Outback Wonder Book Launch

There I was in front of my audience. Every seat was full, all eyes on me. Just for a minute, the whole world stood still as I soaked in the moment.

Years of work had now come to fruition, my words had become a book and it was time to share the story with the world.

I held the microphone, welcoming and thanking my guests for being part of the celebration. As I spoke, I allowed readers to enter my world, sharing my passion for storytelling and giving them insight about the book. Research, location, trust, friendship, life’s ups and downs and the simple question,‘Why has this happened to me?’ were discussed. Five magical minutes passed and my final message was ‘Don’t wonder, make it happen.’

The official celebration began as Pauline, a fellow author, launched ‘Outback Wonder,’ my new book. I was presented with a lovely bouquet of flowers consisting of pink lilies and white roses with a touch of green foliage sent from my publisher.

People applauded and glasses clinked, as tiny bubbles floated to the surface. Splashes of orange, brown and silver surrounded the area. A bunch of balloons was gathered on a table full of new books. Readers crowded around. A lady with short hair and a friendly smile sat behind the desk. Words were exchanged and books were sold.

I sat at a small table where an Akubra hat rested, watching the queue forming across the room. Readers eagerly awaited to meet me. They held their books tightly in their hands. A new prized possession, a means for them to escape into another world.

My pen sped across pages as I wrote in many books. I enjoyed meeting and greeting readers. Other guests delighted in lamingtons, mini pavlovas and colourful lolly snakes.

Cameras flashed as memories were captured. I had dreamt of this day for months and now I was living my dream. You may wonder why I love being a writer? Well, I could not imagine doing anything else.

Thanks to Dmitry at DandN Production for the photos and also to Jill and Carmel.

Spread sunshine and inspiration,

Juliet x

Some feedback from guests.

Outback Wonder was celebrated in a most wonderful launch. You had put a lot of thought and effort into making sure everyone enjoyed the afternoon, and the atmosphere was so warm and happy. I’m wishing Outback Wonder a bonzer trip around the world,’ Errol.

‘Thanks for inviting us, Juliet. Great turn out, lovely people, food to die for and Juliet wine. What more do people want? Did I  forget to mention sunflower seedlings for every guest?!,’ Paul.

‘It was a great launch, with a big group of family, friends, fellow writers and young fans there to share this special occasion with you and enjoy some delicious Aussie themed food,’ Pauline.

‘I went to Juliet M Sampson’s book launch for YA book ‘Outback Wonder’ on Saturday and came home with two sunflower seedlings sprouting in a pot. The sunflower seedlings I took home are from Bryce Courtenay’s sunflower plant. Thank you, Juliet for such a lovely gift and I am sure ‘Outback Wonder’ will be another prize winning novel!’ Elise

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