The Latin dancer paints her passion

The Latin dancer paints her passion

I walked through the door into a lively room. Rows of tables with easels and canvases on top, filled the space. Smocks with splashes of paint hung from pegs. ‘Creativity begins here’ were words painted across the wall.

The lady with a clipboard checked our names and ushered us to our seats. I sat in front of my blank canvas. A paper plate with five blobs of paint was part of the tools I would be using to create my masterpiece along with three brushes and a container filled with water.

My friend and I unpacked our mini picnic of wine and cheese, olives, kabana and biscuits, whilst other painters popped open their bottles and filled their glasses.

The theme tonight was Latin dancer. Three of my loves combined, dance, art and the world of storytelling would all come together in one final piece.

Erica, with a tinge of green in her short hair, stood at the front and welcomed us all. She was our guide to creating the artwork. Her canvas was blank too. The novice artists chattered nervously around the tables wondering how they would create the dancer. Erica reassured us. I smiled at my friend. I have always loved art and all I felt was a sense of excitement rushing through my veins. I could hardly wait to pick up my brush and dip it into the paints.

A choice of three colours was suggested for the background. Immediately red popped into my head, the colour of love and passion. Orange and yellow would be my other two. My brush dipped into the yellow and I painted the canvas. Music played in the background as the artists began to cover their work.

The once white page was now turning into a fire-ball of warm yellow, orange and red. My mind was nowhere else but with my painting. A true sense of mindfulness, this is what painting allows, to live in the moment.My storytelling had began, I was creating the world for my character to step into. And like the words painted on the wall, creativity was beginning here.

We were asked to stop and listen for further instructions. I glanced around the room noticing the different choices of colour on other canvases. Art is so individual.

Erica discussed shapes to form the dancer. I listened to her instructions. My brush gently stroked the paint that had been layered for the background. Step by step, ‘The Latin dancer’ was becoming part of my painting: shoulders, head, arms and body.

Her chocolate brown hair swished across her back as she gracefully moved in her long black skirt, highlighted with brush strokes of red. She was waiting for the next performance. The passion for dance was part of her life. The music began and the spotlight captured her beauty. She was ready to dance.

Thank you Cork and Canvas for another enjoyable evening. This was my third visit.

Unlock your creativity everyone and paint a story x


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