The Little Free Library Awaits

The Little Free Library Awaits

Spotted behind the orange, red and lemon roses was a door to discovery, The Little Free Library awaits its new readers. Someone had whispered to me about this hidden gem in Melbourne and being an explorer, I jumped into my car and headed for the location. In my bag was my wallet, mobile and of course, my two books.

I drove along the beach road, down a main street and around a bend following the instructions I had been given. Tucked away in a suburb close to the beach and in fifteen minutes reach of the city, I found this hidden gem. Parking the car I headed to this secluded place.

Yay! Perfect spot!



The little white house with the blue roof was next to a bench and near a bus stop. People rode their bikes along the path or strolled by. I stood gazing at a new treasure I had found. Some special kind of magic had been established. Every day magic created by caring people in the community, a place where people could go and fall in love with a book.

Being an author, primary teacher, lover of paying it forward and anything that spreads goodwill, I was blown away by this idea and instantly wanted to be part of something special, more about that later.

After admiring the scene, I strolled over to the little house with the bright blue roof that rested on the white pole, The Little Free Library.

Painted on the green wooden frame were two red flowers with delicate yellow centres. I looked through the window wondering what books the library contained: books that could change people’s lives? Or thinking? Or allow them to discover new worlds? Learn information? Escape reality? Or just introduce them to the joy of reading.

The idea behind The Little Free Library is it does not have a set catalogue and relies on donations of books, new and old.


I opened the door and placed my two novels Bon Voyage! and Behind the Mask in the collection. Taking a deep breath I knew I had become part of something special, something that may help another, even if only in a small way.

I believe books have a magic way with people and as I spent my time there I had two people who chatted to me about the free library. Obviously locals, one lady told me the library had only been there a week. They both embraced and loved the idea, smiling as they left.


As I sat in my car, I wondered about the new journey my books would have. When you become a writer you never know how far your words may travel and in what ways. I hope more people embrace this small reading project. Cheers to little free libraries.

Juliet x


placingthe books

P.S. To the reader of this blog, if you happen to find my books in The Little Free Library open the book and inside the cover, there is a special message.  Shhh…

P.P.S. Exciting news! I’ve created a Facebook page for Little Free Libraries Australia. Here is the link

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