The Little Free Library in Caulfield is launched with love

The Little Free Library in Caulfield is launched with love

‘Actions speak louder than words,’ so the saying goes and I’m a believer in this.

Paying it forward to others can lead to wide spread movement allowing for positive change.

Being a teacher and author, I’ve always had a love of books and storytelling. As a child, attending story time at the library was a special treat. So I was amazed when I came across an initiative that was taking America by storm and popping up all over the country. Little Free Libraries is a worldwide movement uniting communities.

Take a book, leave a book.

After discovering one of these little gems by the bay in Melbourne Australia, I wanted to make my own little free library of course.

But how?

Despite being a creator I must admit I’m no builder or handicraftsman, so I knew in my heart that I would not be building this library. However I still wanted the little library to have windows and a roof, and was ready for the challenge.

After searching various places, there it was the little white house. Roof, front and side windows, it was the perfect piece. What a great start. I found some gold letters to give it a name ‘The Little Free Library.’ These were attached along the front.

The white walls were bare and needed some colour so having a love for sunflowers they were added. Four yellow flowers edged the roof, an upside down heart had already been carved into the middle of the roof. The top of the Little Free Library was transforming.

The sidewalls needed a splash of colour so a garden was formed. Two sunflowers with stems were placed on either side. Now this library needed a home.

But where?

Le Petit Lapin, a local French café.

Perfect! Bravo!

The idea was embraced the minute it was suggested. This classic community café always welcomed new ideas and positive projects. Last item that needed to be added now to the Little Free Library was the Eiffel Tower.


Not quite.

Can you guess what was missing?


How would I get books?

Brainwave… ask any authors if they would like to donate their books.

So that’s what I did and in they came. Every day I collected packages from generous authors paying it forward showing their actions through sending their books. Instead of being called the Little Free Library, I’m happy to say it was becoming the little full library. Magic was taking place right in front of my eyes and a warm sensation filled my heart being part of a project that was touching so many. Books ranged from novels for adults to picture books for children, all ages were catered for. This was becoming a special library but more about that later…

library 2 libary 3

This Little Free Library was ready to get started.

Alison Goodman, a New York Times bestselling author launched The Little Free Library on Saturday 21st May at Le Petit Lapin 322 Glen Eira Road, Caulfield, Melbourne Australia. She kindly donated one of her books not only in English but French as well.

I’ve listed below the generous authors who have kindly donated their books to start the collection.

Errol Broome

Corinne Fenton

Rosanne Dingli

Alison Goodman

Sofia Goodsoul

Patrick Guest

Ashley Hay

Carolyn Hirsh

Michael Panckridge

Juliet M Sampson

Theresa Smith

Other donations have now come in from

Diana Lawrenson

Pauline Luke

Krissy Nicholson

Melissa Pouliot


Also thank you to Jillian Sammut for her help and support with this new Little Free Library and Christine Sakkal for making this happen.

For those who don’t know: THE IDEA OF THE LITTLE FREE LIBRARY IS TO: TAKE A BOOK AND LEAVE A BOOK. This helps continue to spread the LOVE of books and then the Little Free Library will always be full of books and never empty.


 Anyway back to the story…

A roar of applause filled the room as Alison pulled off the red and white checked cloth to reveal the Little Free Library for the first time. Flashing of light from cameras lit the room, there were smiles from all who gazed at this new treasure.

library 4 library 5

To the readers of this blog, why not start your own Little Free Library in your own neighbourhood? Pay it forward, allow actions to speak louder than words and spread the love of books….

For more information about Little Free Libraries a facebook page has been created. Here is the link.

Best wishes with your project and please spread the word about Little Free Libraries.

Juliet x

P.S. Oh as mentioned before, this Little Free Library was becoming a special library…

Yes because authors had donated their books …..

But ALSO the other special part was because I’d asked them to sign their books too.

Love, love, love!
library 6




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