A promise kept: the sunflower story

A promise kept: the sunflower story

‘A promise is a promise.’ Proverb.

I never make promises that I do not intend to keep, so staying true to my word, one year later on 25th September 2013, I planted over fifty seeds from my original sunflower that Bryce Courtenay gave me. I put the pots in a semi sunny spot and watered them as needed. After a few weeks I was ready to pass this gift, a sunflower seedling onto others.

As Bryce did, I gave people the opportunity to experience the joy of growing and caring for a seedling.

Sometimes the small gifts in life can bring you the most joy.

I understand that by receiving this precious seedling I was given the responsibility to care, love and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Bryce instilled the importance of loving and caring for characters in stories and now through the symbolism of growing sunflowers every year, I am reminded of this lesson.

I was excited to be giving people of various ages and from many different walks of life, sunflowers for the first time. These were the 22nd generation of sunflower seedlings. As I distributed these plants, I was reminded of Bryce and his kindness.

The lesson I learnt from this experience was sometimes giving is more special than receiving. The joy on people’s faces when I passed the sunflowers on was priceless. This was the feedback some people gave me when I handed them the plants  – ‘I feel blessed.’ –  ‘I feel privileged.’ – ‘I want to carry on the tradition.’

Spread seeds of kindness and watch them grow.

photo 2 with Virginia Photo 4 with Scott photo 3 with Dee
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