Spread sunshine and inspiration

Spread sunshine and inspiration


You may wonder how I came up with my quote. This blog shares the story.

There is so much to enjoy about life, starting with simple pleasures, appreciating the sunshine when going on a walk, valuing family and friends who encourage you to follow your dreams and who accept the choices you make.

We all need inspiration in life and encouraging others to find their talents, costs nothing and is a precious gift you can give.

Throughout my childhood, I loved reading books that shared inspirational quotes about believing in yourself and having a positive attitude. My love of this flowed over into writing my own quotes.

As I grew older, I observed and admired others who followed their dreams and lived inspiring lives. Studying Art in secondary school, I came across this quote by Pablo Picasso. ‘The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.’

Reflecting as a young adult acknowledging the pressure of finishing school and finding an occupation with a life purpose, I could relate to this quote.

I followed my passion and studied teaching as I had always enjoyed working with different age groups caring for and helping others. To me, spreading sunshine into others lives had always been important. I was brought up this way having both my parents working in nurturing professions, my father in health care and my mother teaching.

Moving forward as an emerging author, I believe inspiration comes from everywhere. I am inspired by nature such as the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly or a seed growing into a beautiful sunflower. People who volunteer to help worthwhile charities such as protecting children from violence, also inspire me. For me, these people are the real role models in today’s society.

I chose my signature line ‘Spread sunshine and inspiration,’ to represent what I stand for and how I wish to live my life. When looking into the meanings of these words, they suggest reaching out and extending light, warmth, joy, hope and cheer to others and encouraging them to have a positive outlook.

This year I was pleased to discover that my quote has gone global. Take some time to spread some sunshine and inspiration. You will not be disappointed.


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