Story of a sunflower

Story of a sunflower

Bryce Courtenay’s final Master Class was a dream come true, tingles went down my spine knowing that I was taking part in the guru’s course.

How did this happen?

Well, a chance meeting with Bryce allowed me to discover he held writing classes. I had already written one novel and I was keen to learn more. Who better to teach me?

Being a master storyteller who had written twenty-one books, the content covered in his course and skills he taught were priceless.

The time passed so quickly but the memories will never be forgotten.

The final day and class arrived and I was overwhelmed by emotion, torn between tears and smiles. To my amazement, Bryce gave me a gift, a small sunflower seedling.

He had one last request. I wondered what this would be.

My job was to grow and care for this plant and then pass the seeds onto others.

Bryce loved sunflowers and every year he grew these plants.  He wanted this tradition to continue.

I have kept my promise.

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