‘The Last Survivor’ Adam Dean’s story

‘The Last Survivor’ Adam Dean’s story

The ‘Story of a Sunflower’ continues…

Adam produces ArtView Magazine and admitted he was not much of a gardener. Nevertheless I gave him some of these special seeds. After planting the seeds he was pleased to see them sprout. Yet soon afterwards, all but one of the seedlings vanished.

He was disappointed! And guessed that the seedlings could have been eaten by snails or some other garden pests.

HOWEVER this did not stop him and he took special care with the last survivor – covering it with a plastic bottle, then garden mesh for protection as it grew larger. Adam also bought a variety of other sunflower seeds to plant around it.

Adam said:

The Bryce Courtenay seedling grew very well, safe from any predators. It finally reached a height of about 5 feet tall. Then the flower opened! That was wonderful to see. I was surprised though, by the colour – it was a pale lemon-yellow, rather then the deep sulphur-yellow colour I was expecting. That made me curious – are all of the Bryce Courtenay sunflowers that colour? Do you know the specific variety of these flowers (if they are all the same variety)? The flowers I have seen in your posts do appear to be a deeper shade of yellow. I wonder if there might have been some cross-pollination along the way, with another variety of sunflower that has a lighter colour…’

Attached to his message was a photo of the ‘last survivor’.

Adam was glad that his plant made it to the flowering stage, and hopes that it will produce some seeds for the next generation.

He assures me that he is watching carefully for the time to harvest and will collect the seeds to share with family and friends. So the ‘Story of a Sunflower’ continues.


Answering Adam’s questions: unfortunately I do not know the specific variety of Bryce’s original sunflower seedling but can say I have had both pale lemon and deep sulphur-yellow too.



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