Yes! Stay inspired.

Yes! Stay inspired.

I heard a whisper about a creative place and it nagged me to visit…

Being an author and a lover of art, I needed to see what this location had to offer.

As I drove through the gate I was greeted by a lady relaxing out the front, the sculptured wooden figure’s smile, welcomed all. I parked my car near the artist’s palette, yellow paint pots and brushes. I wheeled my suitcase past, a bright blue wooden vase full of purple flowers.


I entered through sliding doors into a vibrant place. The big colourful painting of a lady surrounded by red, orange and pink greeted visitors.


Storytelling, words and inspiration are all part of my world and this place offered all these elements. As I turned the corner I noticed the words ‘Stay inspired.’ Gems this place has to offer are ‘bursts’ of ‘inspiration,’ through messages and more about this later.

I glanced at the walkway full of modern art. Bright, colourful paintings hung above the silver railing and shelves full of treasures. Not gold and silver but ones writers, painters, artists, sketchers, authors, photographers, inventors and explorers would have hidden in their drawers.


I ordered a tea before heading to my room. The scent of peppermint wafted under my nose as I sipped and watched others. A couple had grabbed the game Connect Four from the shelf and dropped the red and white counters one by one. A lady sat on the couch knitting while others read books by the fireplace. The upbeat music reverberated around the room.

Interested to see and discover the shelves, I wandered over. Art brushes, pencils, books, globes, games and more items covered the shelves, a creator’s dream.

After careful observation, I decided it was time to head to my room.

Art, art and more art. That’s what I love to see.

Art filled all the corridors, a veritable gallery, on every level of the accommodation and even in the lift. In the whisper about the place, I heard this hotel was dedicated to one artist’s work. His modern art was everywhere and the whole town has taken it on board. Mark has even painted a vintage tram inside and out and the tram is named after the hotel.


My little room allowed me to hang my coat on the yellow splashed paint that dripped down the door. Another spotting of words ‘Anyone can be a hero.’

art 4

 The yellow drink coaster exposed a sentence of inspiration ‘Observation is the key, observe everything,’ Mark S.

Yes, observation is a key element for authors and artists, noticing the finer details. Not wanting an early morning call, I walked to the door and was greeted by another sign.

‘Artist at work.’ How clever I thought as I hung it on the handle.

Yes, I was inspired and amazed by this place and will be back for a second visit.

The final chord that struck my heart and reignited my zest for life was observing a parked car outside the accommodation on my departure. The number plate read


I wondered who this car belonged to? Maybe the artist?

So jump in your car and take a drive to a place that inspires creativity.

And make sure you OBSERVE EVERYTHING.

 Good luck

Juliet x

This place of inspiration is situated in country Victoria, Australia if you want to know more please contact me through my website.

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